From the Doc's Desk

All of the following topics can be done by a patient
at home after a chiropractic adjustment.

How to...

...prevent low back pain
numb (apply ice) lowback for 20 minutes at atime, strengthen core, lumbar traction, seated piriformis, stretch, curve reversal stretch
...prevent carpal tunnel symptoms or elbow pain
take rolling pin to forearm musculature consistent at working out
cross train, take breaks, have an accountability partner, work same muscle different ways or different days
...have proper ergonomics at computer station
have center of monitor at eye level, be able to touch screen with outstretched hand.
...prevent ankle/knee injuries
strengthen musculature surrounding joints, make wobble board for home

What do I do when...

...I have severe pain and can not get in for an adjustment?
call 911 if emergency, ice to numbness for 20 minute increments. Change positions every 30 minutes; stretch. child wakes at night with "growing pains"?
ice or use Biofreeze to calm area of pain
...I just received an adjustment or massage?
ice treated areas, drink extra water, stretch or exercise as recommended by staff child has ear pain or congestion?
massage sinus accupressure points, strip lymphatic drainage areas in neck, get adjusted, apply eucalytus to feet, bath water or humidifier infant is not sleeping, eating, or digesting food correctly?
get child adjusted - within 2, maybe 3 treatments, parents often see dramatic changes in their child.