I Know It Will Kill Me, But How Will I Be Affected In The Meantime?

If you smoke, you already have been told you will die because of emphysema, heart disease, and cancer. While smokers ARE at an increased risk of developing these diseases, we would like to focus on the lesser known ill effects, namely poor tissue, bone, and wound healing.

Nicotine also increases the adhesiveness of platelets, raising the risk of blood clots, therefore the propensity for a stroke is high. 

moking also increases the likelihood that you will GET injured. It was found in Army Basic Training that smokers were TWICE as likely to incur injuries than non-smokers. 


How Smoking Affects The Bones?

Multiple studies have demonstrated a significant difference in the healing time of bone between groups of smokers and non-smokers. One study showed that smokers with a fracture to the lower leg bone (tibia) required 4 WEEKS LONGER than non-smokers in the healing process. Another study looked at patients who had undergone surgery for a specific wrist injury: 95% of non-smokers healed completely while 68% of the smokers healed completely. Numerous other studies have shown that the average time until complete healing was over 2 months longer in the smokers.

Similar to wound and tissue healing, bones are nourished by minerals, oxygen, and nutrients all supplied by the blood stream. When nicotine constricts blood vessels, decreased levels of nutrients can reach the bones. Nicotine constricts blood vessels to approximately 25% of their normal diameter while the effects of bone healing may not seem as important as other effects; you are much less likely to be satisfied with your outcome following routine fracture, injury, or surgery. 


There is no doubt you can stop smoking, you just haven't been scared enough yet. Why do you have to wait for something dramatic to happen for you to be inspired to stop? Want to know what the key is? 

Don't buy them... hmmm. 

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