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I was beyond nervous the first time I went to Scheideman Chiropractic, but was happily surprised! I walked in barely being able to breath or move! A friend told me to go see Dr. Brent, as he had been seeing him for years. So, reluctantly, I did and let me tell you the whole team and especially Dr. Brent made me feel very welcome and comfortable. He fixed me up in 2 sessions! Normally I would just suck-it-up and swallow pills, NOT ANYMORE! I have learned what ribs and hips being out of place feel like from lifting and Dr. Brent always corrects the issue with ease! I can't recommend this clinic highly enough!  

~Matt Q.

Becker, MN

 "I am not the type of person to write a testimonial. However, with the results I have seen with my baby girl, I feel that people need to know what a great job Dr. Brent does! I was very skeptical when it came to bringing a newborn to a chiropractor. I have 2 older kids and bringing them in never occurred to me. Looking back now, I think if I had tried, things would have been a little easier for us. I had my baby seen by Dr. Brent when she was just 2 weeks old. We were hoping he could help us with her digestion, swallowing, turning her head, and straitening her legs. After the first adjustment, I noticed only a little change. But, after our 3rd visit, she would swallow better, stopped choking on her milk, turn her head side to side with ease, and stretch her little legs.Now, at 3 months old, all she wants to do is stand up and sit up. She is also drinking 6 ounces every 2-3 hours and my older kids never did this so soon.

  I also saw Dr. Brent for adjustments during my pregnancy, something I did not do with my first two pregnancies, and what a difference my adjustments made for the ease of my delivery.

  I am very happy to have Dr. Brent as our chiropractor. He is great at what he does and cares not only for me, but also for my whole family! Every time I see him he takes the time to listen to my concerns and I have never had a chiropractor adjust my neck on the first visit (Other Doctors made me come back for a 2nd or 3rd visit before the would adjust my neck). Thanks Dr. Brent you are a great Chiropractor!"

Becker, MN


I’ve suffered with allergies for years and wanted to try something besides medicine to get rid of the symptoms. After three detoxifying foot baths, my symptoms started to subside. After the fifth bath, I had no more stuffiness, runny nose and itchy eyes. I’m thrilled that I can see/feel results by getting the toxins out of my body. Now I just get a maintenance footbath every month or so during the tough allergy season, and it keeps my allergies in check.


-Jon T.

Becker, MN


"I have utilized chiropractic treatment since the late 1960s for various conditions resulting from athletic participation and as a combat Marine in Vietnam. Not all of my experiences with Chiropractors were positive. But I always believed that, with the right Doctor, a solid homeopathic path heavily relying on chiropractic techniques was the ultimate course to a healthy life and managing pain was out there for me. My research supported this with a 2002 study showed that back pain patients achieved greater relief in a month when treated by Chiropractors than their regular MDs. Also, a fairly recent Consumer Reports review of Homeopathic health methods, cited Chiropractic treatment as the number one approach.


But I strongly believe that to achieve a successful Chiropractic experience that one HAS to find an informed, honest, and caring Chiropractor. I found that person in the early 2000s in Dr Brent Scheideman. Dr. Brent and his staff represent the epitome of professional Chiropractic care. All Clinic personal contribute to present a pleasant, reassuring treatment atmosphere. The Clinic pace is crisp but one never feels rushed. Dr. Brent is a consummate professional who, in my layman's opinion and experience, thoroughly knows his craft. Perhaps as important, Dr. Brent knows the limitations of his profession and does not profess to be able to solve all ills.


I have presented Dr. Scheideman with several difficult health issues, some of which can only be approached with the goal being pain management, and he never fails to deliberatively diagnose the situation and treat or advise accordingly. My confidence in Dr. Brent's professional skills is bolstered by the strong sense I have that he is a truly good human being!"



Scott S.
Big Lake, MN


"I have had problems with a hip that turns inward for several years. When I first went to traditional doctors in Indianapolis because of the pain, they asked about the car accident I had been in, prescribed pain relievers and muscle relaxers, and sent me on my way. I tried chiropractic care because I didn't want to live the rest of my life on pain relievers and the condition was actually getting worse with age. The chiropractic care I received helped minimize the pain and gave me back some of my mobility.

When I first moved to Becker, I was anxious about finding a chiropractor that would be able to help me with my condition. I need not have worried. In fact, the care I received at Scheideman Chiropractic & Body Shop has far exceeded the care I've received at other chiropractic care centers. Dr. Brent evaluated my situation and came up with a comprehensive plan that included not only chiropractic treatments, but massage therapy. The massage therapy made my body more receptive to the treatments. The plan also included a tailored exercise program that strengthened my muscles, not only helping to hold my hips in the correct alignment, but greatly reduced the amount of pain I was feeling.

Dr. Brent sincerely cares for his patients. He will listen to your concerns and create a well-rounded approach to your treatment and healing. He's the best!"

-Jill B.

Becker, MN

Thanks soooooo much!  I really appreciate it!  now I am perfectly fine!!!  (well for now) haha!  Just wanted to say THANKS! -Courtney


-Courtney, Age 12
Big Lake, MN


For the past twenty one years I have experienced chronic neck and back pain as well as headaches, resulting from several motor vehicle accidents within the past two decades. 

Over the years I have tried every conceivable thing which I could think of in an effort to get some relief from the ongoing pain which sometimes would render me nearly unable to function or do the simplest of tasks.  I have undergone physical therapy, been prescribed RX muscle relaxants and pain relievers, seen neurologists, medical doctors, had acupuncture, been to various chiropractors & massage therapists and I can honestly say that the single most effective relief for my pain has been found at Scheideman Chiropractic.

If you are looking for the best care by a professional who specializes in their field and someone who will genuinely listen to your concerns and help you to live a healthier life with less pain, please call Dr. Brent Scheideman and his staff; you will not be disappointed."

-Julie N.

Becker, MN



"I just wanted to say that after having been treated by several
Chiropractors that Brent's adjustments are incredibly gentle and effective.
I look forward to treatment each time and know that he has helped me to
maintain good health and prevent many problems! Thank you Dr Brent!"



Having Multiple Sclerosis is a day to day struggle. But, when I come to see Dr. B I get relief from backaches and tingling in my hands. My ability to use my MS affected hand and leg is better after an adjustment.
Dr. Brent rocks! Go see him!

- Ruth W.

Big Lake, MN

“The 21 day detoxification has been the best thing that my wife and I have done for ourselves. After two months I lost 30 pounds and Jenni lost 8 pounds. I felt an immediate improvement within the first week on the program. I just received my lab results from the clinic and my blood pressure has come down to 112/80. My cholesterol has dropped from 256 to 166 and my liver function is now in the normal range. My cholesterol and liver function have always been high, even when I was in the military and in the best shape of my life. I feel so much better and have only another 10 to 15 pounds left to go before I reach my target weight. Thanks!”


-Craig (Becker, MN)

April 27, 2011

I am a 55-year-old female who experienced a serious illness that took a very long time for the Doctors to find. I was put on a very high dose of a strong anti-anxiety medication due to depression and anxiety from being so ill. After my own research I discovered it was a very addictive drug that I should have been on only 4 weeks but was on it 14 months. So, I am now going through a long detoxification from this drug. I took the 21-day purification program through Brent’s Chiropractic Clinic and feel great. Getting the sugar and caffeine and other toxins out of my body has given me more energy and I just feel great. It helped me lose 11 pounds and I am now back doing the jogging that I was not able to do for months due to the drugs. I just signed up for the 12-step program for nutrition analysis. I will continue with Brent’s programs the whole time I am withdrawing from this drug and long after. Everyone there are wonderful people and so caring. They have given me hope that I can keep my withdrawal symptoms to a minimum.

I started the Nutrition Response Testing because of multiple food allergies and migraines. I was started on a few supplements and within 3-4 days I noticed a complete change in my digestive system, it was amazing! I ended up running out of the supplements for a couple weeks due to moving and having a busy schedule, and within a couple days I was right back to being bloated and constipated. It was proof to me that the supplements made a huge difference in the way I feel and overall health.


     June 16, 2011

Before I saw the chiropractor I was dealing with neck issues. After maybe three visits I noticed my neck no longer was giving me problems. I also noticed my stomach and GI problems were gone! I’ve tried diets, eliminating foods etc. and nothing worked. I belive the chiropractic has helped.

-Janet S. 6/28/11

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