What is Wellness Care?

The final phase of care is WELLNESS CARE. This can be the most fun and rewarding stage of care. My ideal health plan for most adults is to come for a preventative tune-up once a month. It is one of the most effective investments one can make for the body.

The analogy with a car is the easiest to compare. We don't wait for our car to break down before we get an oil change. We don't wait for rust to show up before we wash salt off of our car in the winter. Similarily with the spine. The most common injury we see in the office is due to repetitive stresses. So much of what we battle as humans is due to us being in a forward leaning position. A preventative spinal adjustment allows the spine to be realigned and ready to absorb the daily shock better, to sit and sleep more comfortably, and to calm tight muscles and inflammation before they irritate the body's nerves and cause pain.