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At Scheideman Chiropractic and Body Shop our goal is to provide honest, friendly, and effective care that helps patients heal and get back to living a healthy and pain-free life as quickly as possible. Along with Chiropractic care, we offer massage therapy, foot orthotic casting, foot detoxification, exercise rehabilitation, kinesiotape, a 21 day full body detox, nutrition testing and counseling, and so much more! Please explore our website for more details on the services we offer.

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What is Chiropractic Care?

At the core of chiropractic theory is the fact that we, as chiropractors, treat the nervous system. Every cell in our body has a nerve running to it. Whether a patient’s low back hurts, shoulder hurts, big toe hurts, or a patient battles headaches, sinuses, gastrointestinal problems or allergies, the nervous system is ultimately irritated and giving the brain the message that something is going on.

There are three main things that aggravate the nervous system. Those three things are bone out of place, muscle that is spasmed, and inflammation that is present. A fourth wildcard are intervertebral discs. So that is what chiropractors do. We move bone, relax muscle and remove inflammation away from the affected area.

There are three stages to chiropractic care:

Relief Care

The first stage of chiropractic care is RELIEF CARE. When patients come into Scheideman Chiropractic and Body Shop, I put a “stake in the ground” 2 weeks out. If the symptoms you come in with can be helped with chiropractic care, you should see significant improvement within a short amount of time. We may not take on an auto accident injury from 10 out of 10 pain to zero out of 10 pain in that time frame, but we will take the pain down to a level or 4, 5 or 6. If we don’t see a significant improvement within a short about of time, I will direct the patient somewhere where they will get relief.

Corrective Care

The second phase of chiropractic care is CORRECTIVE CARE. I treat the human body as one big pyramid of bones. We look at the body from the bottom up, knowing that issues from the arches of the feet or low back can greatly affect the mid-back, neck, and head (headaches). Corrective care can address such issues as plantar fascitis, chronic knee or low back pain, scoliosis or chronic neck and headache pain.

Corrective care involves a dedication to treatments in the office and at home, and takes place over time.

Wellness Care

The final phase of care is WELLNESS CARE. This can be the most fun and rewarding stage of care. My ideal health plan for most adults is to come for a preventative tune-up once a month. It is one of the most effective investments one can make for the body.

The analogy with a car is the easiest to compare. We don’t wait for our car to break down before we get an oil change. We don’t wait for rust to show up before we wash salt off of our car in the winter. Similarily with the spine. The most common injury we see in the office is due to repetitive stresses. So much of what we battle as humans is due to us being in a forward leaning position. A preventative spinal adjustment allows the spine to be realigned and ready to absorb the daily shock better, to sit and sleep more comfortably, and to calm tight muscles and inflammation before they irritate the body’s nerves and cause pain.

Meet Dr. Scheideman

Hello! My name is Dr. Brent Scheideman, and I have been a chiropractor since 2000. I worked as an associate doctor for five years before I ventured out to begin Scheideman Chiropractic and Body Shop in 2006.

I decided after my junior year of undergraduate at University of South Dakota to be a doctor of chiropractic. I had never been treated by a chiropractor before my first day of chiropractic school at Northwestern Chiropractic College. I was enthralled with the idea of getting out of the way of this amazing body that God created and let it heal itself the way it was designed to. My heart lies with a desire to help and encourage people to live a healthy and fruitful life.

I participated in athletics all the way through college football and have an ingrained desire to work with athletes and their injuries. I have coached varsity football in Becker since the 2001 season and really enjoy it. Along with getting the injured athlete back to competing, I cherish the life skills that can be taught and bled into the athlete throughout the season.

My wife, Tricia, sons, Eli and Milo, and I are truly grateful for the opportunity to treat patients and care for families in their quest for a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Dr. Brent Scheideman

Meet Dr. Sawdey

My name is Dr. Heidi Sawdey. I am very excited to be part of the Scheideman Chiropractic team. I’ve lived in the area since 2000, been in practice since 2001. I am originally from Mantorville, Minnesota. My husband Ryan and I along with our four children Wyatt, Tucker, Myles, and Griffin reside in Otsego. After completing my undergraduate studies at Bethel College in St. Paul, I attended Northwestern Health Sciences University where I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2001.

While practicing I have developed a passion and specialization in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic. In addition to working on women and children, I also enjoy working on patients with complicated conditions such as chronic headaches, herniated discs, tendonitis, and chronic pain. With strong adjusting skills and an empathetic approach, I hope to strengthen the foundation that Dr. Brent has created. I am especially excited to work in a clinic with strong rehabilitation and nutritional programs. I truly believe that this multi-directional approach to healing will give our patients superior results.

I first knew I wanted to become a chiropractor after my first chiropractic adjustment. I had fallen on my tailbone and began walking with a limp. My parents urged me to see the local chiropractor. I was completely amazed that realigning the vertebrae and pelvis could take away my pain and improve my function without the use of drugs or invasive surgery. Chiropractic is unlike any other health care profession. By correcting misalignments in the spine, we improve the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Chiropractic has been such a rewarding profession, allowing me to help thousands of people and educate them about chiropractic. The same way I was helped and educated. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to reach your true health potential!

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Matt Q.

I was beyond nervous the first time I went to Scheideman Chiropractic, but was happily surprised! I walked in barely being able to breath or move! A friend told me to go see Dr. Brent, as he had been seeing him for years. So, reluctantly, I did and let me tell you the whole team and especially Dr. Brent made me feel very welcome and comfortable. He fixed me up in 2 sessions! Normally I would just suck-it-up and swallow pills, NOT ANYMORE! I have learned what ribs and hips being out of place feel…


I am not the type of person to write a testimonial. However, with the results I have seen with my baby girl, I feel that people need to know what a great job Dr. Brent does! I was very skeptical when it came to bringing a newborn to a chiropractor. I have 2 older kids and bringing them in never occurred to me. Looking back now, I think if I had tried, things would have been a little easier for us. I had my baby seen by Dr. Brent when she was just 2 weeks old. We were hoping he could help us with…

John T.

I’ve suffered with allergies for years and wanted to try something besides medicine to get rid of the symptoms. After three detoxifying foot baths, my symptoms started to subside. After the fifth bath, I had no more stuffiness, runny nose and itchy eyes. I’m thrilled that I can see/feel results by getting the toxins out of my body. Now I just get a maintenance footbath every month or so during the tough allergy season, and it keeps my allergies in check. Jon T. Becker, MN

Scott S.

I have utilized chiropractic treatment since the late 1960s for various conditions resulting from athletic participation and as a combat Marine in Vietnam. Not all of my experiences with Chiropractors were positive. But I always believed that, with the right Doctor, a solid homeopathic path heavily relying on chiropractic techniques was the ultimate course to a healthy life and managing pain was out there for me. My research supported this with a 2002 study showed that back pain patients achieved…

Jill B.

I have had problems with a hip that turns inward for several years. When I first went to traditional doctors in Indianapolis because of the pain, they asked about the car accident I had been in, prescribed pain relievers and muscle relaxers, and sent me on my way. I tried chiropractic care because I didn't want to live the rest of my life on pain relievers and the condition was actually getting worse with age. The chiropractic care I received helped minimize the pain and gave me back some of my mobility. When…


Thanks soooooo much!  I really appreciate it!  now I am perfectly fine!!!  (well for now) haha!  Just wanted to say THANKS! Courtney, Age 12 Big Lake, MN

Julie N.

For the past twenty one years I have experienced chronic neck and back pain as well as headaches, resulting from several motor vehicle accidents within the past two decades. Over the years I have tried every conceivable thing which I could think of in an effort to get some relief from the ongoing pain which sometimes would render me nearly unable to function or do the simplest of tasks.  I have undergone physical therapy, been prescribed RX muscle relaxants and pain relievers, seen neurologists,…


I just wanted to say that after having been treated by several Chiropractors that Brent's adjustments are incredibly gentle and effective.  I look forward to treatment each time and know that he has helped me to maintain good health and prevent many problems! Thank you Dr Brent! Greg

Ruth W.

Having Multiple Sclerosis is a day to day struggle. But, when I come to see Dr. B I get relief from backaches and tingling in my hands. My ability to use my MS affected hand and leg is better after an adjustment. Dr. Brent rocks! Go see him! Ruth W.


The 21 day detoxification has been the best thing that my wife and I have done for ourselves. After two months I lost 30 pounds and Jenni lost 8 pounds. I felt an immediate improvement within the first week on the program. I just received my lab results from the clinic and my blood pressure has come down to 112/80. My cholesterol has dropped from 256 to 166 and my liver function is now in the normal range. My cholesterol and liver function have always been high, even when I was in the military and…


I am a 55-year-old female who experienced a serious illness that took a very long time for the Doctors to find. I was put on a very high dose of a strong anti-anxiety medication due to depression and anxiety from being so ill. After my own research I discovered it was a very addictive drug that I should have been on only 4 weeks but was on it 14 months. So, I am now going through a long detoxification from this drug. I took the 21-day purification program through Brent’s Chiropractic Clinic and…


I started the Nutrition Response Testing because of multiple food allergies and migraines. I was started on a few supplements and within 3-4 days I noticed a complete change in my digestive system, it was amazing! I ended up running out of the supplements for a couple weeks due to moving and having a busy schedule, and within a couple days I was right back to being bloated and constipated. It was proof to me that the supplements made a huge difference in the way I feel and overall health. A.S.


Before I saw the chiropractor I was dealing with neck issues. After maybe three visits I noticed my neck no longer was giving me problems. I also noticed my stomach and GI problems were gone! I’ve tried diets, eliminating foods etc. and nothing worked. I believe the chiropractic has helped. Janet S.

  • positive review  Dr. Scheideman and his team are caring, compassionate, and well trained professionals who are interested in empowering you to be part of your own treatment plan. They will be up front with you about what they can do to help you, but also kindly remind you what YOUR part is, with the end goal of healing in mind which limits your need for constant care from them. Friendly staff, clean offices, and a place where all your questions are answered and you can trust them to be honest about what to expect. Highly recommend.

    Lisa Abbott Avatar Lisa Abbott
    February 11, 2019
  • positive review  Friendly. Professional. Most important- great results! Complete trust in Dr. Brent.

    Mindy Lind Sweney Avatar Mindy Lind Sweney
    February 7, 2019
  • positive review  I recommend everything about Scheideman Chiropractic! The receptionist, Laurie, is very kind and helpful when scheduling appointments or asking questions about services offered. After dealing with daily pain & being in auto accidents, I began doing physical therapy with Jena, who always has a smile on her face & teaches exercises that are guaranteed to help with any discomfort you may be feeling. The massage therapists are all very friendly and listen to your specific needs. Dr Brent takes great care of any problems with the body with adjustments, while also being the coolest person you’ll ever meet. The building always smells like essential oils, which is a huge plus. Overall a fantastic chiropractic firm with a friendly, welcoming feel that I would recommend to anyone!

    Abby McMahon Avatar Abby McMahon
    February 4, 2019
  • positive review  Have blinding headaches, drink more water, cut caffeine, drink more caffeine, try getting more sleep, nothing helped until I got adjusted, headaches go completely away!

    Nancy Hendrickson Avatar Nancy Hendrickson
    February 4, 2019
  • positive review  Having suffered with severe pelvic and back pain for more than 9 years, I’m well-acquainted with doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapy. I was having a particularly rough pain week (self-induced), so I visited Brent and Jen. I walked out with vastly improved pain and functionality. My condition is permanent and not “fixable”, but the team there gets me back to my normal levels and then some. The whole staff is top-notch professional and very kind and understanding. Looking forward to trying out the massage offerings as well. Thanks team!

    Mark J Mason Avatar Mark J Mason
    July 14, 2018
  • I have gone through chiropractic care over the last 3 years. I have been so pleased with the care that Dr. Brent & Dr. Heidi provide. The rehabilitation program with Jena has helped me turn around from 2 car accidents. All of the massage therapists are wonderful. This place has an extremely positive atmosphere. You’re not just a patient or client, you are 100% part of a community.

    Taylor Johnson Avatar Taylor Johnson
    April 4, 2018
  • I was beyond nervous the first time but was I happily surprised! Walked in barely being able to breathe or move! A friend said go see Brent! As he has been seeing him for years. So reluctantly I did and let me tell you the whole team and especially Brent made me feel very comfrontable. He fixed me up in 2 sessions! Normally I would just suck it up and swallow pills! Not anymore I have learned what ribs and hips out of place feel like from lifting and Brent always corrects the issue with ease! Can't recommend highly enough!

    Matt Quick Avatar Matt Quick
    August 3, 2015
  • Simply awesome.

    John VanBruggen Avatar John VanBruggen
    November 16, 2014
  • Amazing team! Anytime I feel awful or in need of an adjustment they know just how to make it better! They are all upbeat and welcoming. Great hometown feel! Becker is luck to have them

    Laurie Pearson Avatar Laurie Pearson
    November 8, 2013


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