I am a 55-year-old female who experienced a serious illness that took a very long time for the Doctors to find. I was put on a very high dose of a strong anti-anxiety medication due to depression and anxiety from being so ill. After my own research I discovered it was a very addictive drug that I should have been on only 4 weeks but was on it 14 months. So, I am now going through a long detoxification from this drug. I took the 21-day purification program through Brent’s Chiropractic Clinic and feel great. Getting the sugar and caffeine and other toxins out of my body has given me more energy and I just feel great. It helped me lose 11 pounds and I am now back doing the jogging that I was not able to do for months due to the drugs. I just signed up for the 12-step program for nutrition analysis. I will continue with Brent’s programs the whole time I am withdrawing from this drug and long after. Everyone there are wonderful people and so caring. They have given me hope that I can keep my withdrawal symptoms to a minimum.