For the past twenty one years I have experienced chronic neck and back pain as well as headaches, resulting from several motor vehicle accidents within the past two decades.

Over the years I have tried every conceivable thing which I could think of in an effort to get some relief from the ongoing pain which sometimes would render me nearly unable to function or do the simplest of tasks.  I have undergone physical therapy, been prescribed RX muscle relaxants and pain relievers, seen neurologists, medical doctors, had acupuncture, been to various chiropractors & massage therapists and I can honestly say that the single most effective relief for my pain has been found at Scheideman Chiropractic.

If you are looking for the best care by a professional who specializes in their field and someone who will genuinely listen to your concerns and help you to live a healthier life with less pain, please call Dr. Brent Scheideman and his staff; you will not be disappointed.

Julie N.
Becker, MN