I have utilized chiropractic treatment since the late 1960s for various conditions resulting from athletic participation and as a combat Marine in Vietnam. Not all of my experiences with Chiropractors were positive. But I always believed that, with the right Doctor, a solid homeopathic path heavily relying on chiropractic techniques was the ultimate course to a healthy life and managing pain was out there for me. My research supported this with a 2002 study showed that back pain patients achieved greater relief in a month when treated by Chiropractors than their regular MDs. Also, a fairly recent Consumer Reports review of Homeopathic health methods, cited Chiropractic treatment as the number one approach.

But I strongly believe that to achieve a successful Chiropractic experience that one HAS to find an informed, honest, and caring Chiropractor. I found that person in the early 2000s in Dr Brent Scheideman. Dr. Brent and his staff represent the epitome of professional Chiropractic care. All Clinic personal contribute to present a pleasant, reassuring treatment atmosphere. The Clinic pace is crisp but one never feels rushed. Dr. Brent is a consummate professional who, in my layman’s opinion and experience, thoroughly knows his craft. Perhaps as important, Dr. Brent knows the limitations of his profession and does not profess to be able to solve all ills.

I have presented Dr. Scheideman with several difficult health issues, some of which can only be approached with the goal being pain management, and he never fails to deliberately diagnose the situation and treat or advise accordingly. My confidence in Dr. Brent’s professional skills is bolstered by the strong sense I have that he is a truly good human being!


Scott S.
Big Lake, MN